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10 December 2011 @ 06:30 pm
As promised, here are the dates for Adam Ant's latest shows, with his new band 'The Good, The Mad and The Lovely':

Sat 10th Dec : O2 Academy Leeds
Sun 11th Dec  HMV Picture House, Edinburgh
Tue 13th Dec: O2 Academy Newcastle
Tue 14th Dec: HMV Ritz ,Manchester
Thu 15th Dec :O2 Academy Sheffield
Fri 16th Dec: UEA (University of East Anglia)
Thu 19th Jan 2012 : Victoria Theatre ,Halifax
Fri 20th Jan 2012: 53 Degrees at University of Central Lancashire ,Preston
Sat 21st Jan 2012: The Engine Shed ,Lincoln <--- I'm attending this show.
Sun 22nd Jan 2012 : The Tivoli ,Buckley
Tue 24th Jan 2012 :Sub89 ,Reading

Full details: http://www.ents24.com/web/artist/45335/Adam_Ant.html

I'm massively excited about seeing Adam @ The Engine Shed in Lincoln. I've only waited 30 years! Hahaha. Gig review coming!

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05 December 2011 @ 04:44 pm

I think it was about 1983 when I first saw Adam and The Ants. If memory serves, I saw them on Top Of The Pops and was instantly smitten by Adam and his colourful band of highwaymen, known as The Ants. Back in the day, there was nobody else like them (in my 6 year old mind - that is) I wasn't impressed by Duran Duran, or even that bothered by Howard Jones. My older sister liked both of them so I wanted my own idol.

Sadly, I wasn't old enough to go to concerts or dress up, so my memories aren't massively exciting. Of course, Adam's lyrics were not suitable for children, but it wasn't the words that mattered to me. It was the big drums, cinematic videos,  yodelled choruses and that amazing look! In my eyes, Adam was the most beautiful man I had ever set eyes on.

In my research for this post, I've been rather taken aback by the realisation that back in the 80's, I only owned one Adam Ant album (Strip) and two singles (Stand & Deliver, Goody Two Shoes) 'Stand...' was the first single I ever bought with my pocket money, pretty sure I bought 'The Land Of Make Believe' by Bucks Fizz around the same time. Oddly, my copy of 'Good Two Shoes' doesn't have the picture cover. Proudly, I still own it! What's to bet my dad picked it up? No doubt from one of his fave bookstores in Biggleswade that sold a few singles. Remind me to ask him later and post an update, dear readers. Even though I owned so few recordings, I played the ones I did have over and over again. That music was (and is) massively important to me.

Speaking to my mum over skype today. She said, that actually I didn't ask for Adam Ant music for Christmas or birthdays. She reckons it was later on that I came back to Adam. When I was old enough to understand the lyrics. Perhaps that is true? I definitely remember re-listening to the 'Prince Charming' album in France, when I was about 16. Then absolutely loving it, along with 'New York City' and 'Thunderwing' by Marc Bolan.

As an adult,  I can safely call myself one of the 'Ant People'. Adam's strong style and bold sexuality, suit me perfectly. His gritty, sweaty early style, brings to mind my own teenage years. Hard drinking, getting crazy and not caring about tomorrow. His 'Dandy' period helped me though a brief gender identity crisis. Let's just say, I called my self 'The Dandy Stranger' and dressed up. All to the sounds of 'Prince Charming' and 'Without you I'm Nothing' by Placebo - Yes, I'm a mixed up girl but I credit Adam for giving me the strength to express who I was then. Even if it didn't last.

I'm so thrilled he's back and performing again. From what I've seen on Youtube, Adam's looking & sounding great.  Read the next post for his the latest tour dates. Watch out for album reviews too!

Here then, are a few of Adam's best masterpieces. May he always hold the title of England's most dynamic, talented and  beautiful highwayman!

Dog Eat Dog

Kings Of The Wild Frontier

Stand & Deliver

Prince Charming

Goody Two Shoes

Puss In  Boots

Desperate But Not Serious

Vive Le Rock

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I'm giving serious thought to moving over to Tumblr permanently. All this downtime is ridiculous. I realise it's not LJs doing but I really need something more stable. I'd even consider Blogger at this time. Still, if you are interested in the community. Check it out at:
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28 November 2011 @ 05:28 pm
I'm a few days behind in hearing about poor George Michael's illness. Wham were universally adored by every girl aged 11+ during the 80's. There isn't a lot of new information out there, but according to this  Daily Mail article   He was rushed to the AKH hospital in Vienna a week ago after falling ill during his European tour.

According to reports, George is suffering from advanced pneumonia and is described as 'critical.'  He is being treated using the TriaDyne Proventa Therapy System, a special bed which mimics the bodies natural movements to maximise blood flow and reduce pressure on the patients lungs. It's expected he will be hospitalized for sometime.

Of course, we'll update you as soon as things change. We wish George a full and speedy recovery!
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I listen to internet radio EVERYDAY, it's an addiction I think. There are tons of 80's ones out there and some are better than others. The list below gives an idea of the ones I listen to the most and which ones I think are best avoided.  I hope my little reviews of each, will help you find a varied mix of the best in 80's music online.

General stations

Crikfm The Lynx - retro80s - From Calgary Canada. Amazing sound quality and no ads! Plays a wide variety of 80's goodness, seems more eclectic than other stations of its kind. More rock based and plays lots of rarer tunes. A few glitches in the stream and frequent station idents -  but all in all - win.
Genre: Rock, Eclectic, Pop.  Ads: No

ABC80s - from Ireland - All in all good. Nice mix of genres here, thoroughly pleasant listen. No ads
Genre: Rock, Eclectic, Pop. Cheese  Ads: No

All 80s Man (man!) - Truly eclectic. Very rock based with a smattering of good high energy funk (Shalamar, Prince) and AOR in there. Sounds great and features fun sound bytes from the 80s too.
Genre: Rock, Eclectic, Pop, Cheese, New Wave, Funk

80s and more - Broadcasting from London. good mix, no ads. Claim to have DJ's - Can't say I noticed any. A bit bland.
Genre: Rock, Pop, Cheese  Ads: No

Sky.fm 80s - Great American station, playing a varied mix of 80's tunes. Music rarely repeats, Definitely up there.  Everything you'd expect with minimum interruptions, despite minor ads.
Genre: Pop, Cheese, Hits. Ads: Yes (rare: advertising ad free subscriptions)

Sufflerama.com 80s - I listen to this station a lot on my Android. Fun branding, no ads and an excellent mix. Sadly, the 80's part of the site fails, as do the streams (via the site and music players) However, If you have tunein.radio app the station streams fine (though not via the tunin radio site?)  It's a big favourite for me - Strange.. Let me know if you have better luck. It's certainly worth the effory
Genre: Rock, Eclectic, Pop, Cheese, New Wave, Funk. Ads: No

80's genre stations.

80s Forever - LOVE this station - New Wave, New Romantic, Rock/Punk and edgy Pop FTW. I put it on to review it and it stayed on all day. Played tons of stuff I'd never heard before and educated me on 'new' bands
Genre: Rock, Eclectic, New Wave, New Romantic, Synth. Ads: No

more tomorrow....

08 November 2011 @ 12:00 am
This is the main 80's blog for 8bitgeneration.co.uk. Please friend 8bitgeneration if you love the 80s. If some of the posts before this read strange, it might be because LJ is having issues with some YouTube videos. I've had to repost them and chop up some entries. My apologies! I've waited forever for a fix. This is the reason for the lack of  posts lately.
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31 October 2011 @ 05:35 pm
As a kid growing up in the 80s,  I ADORED  the TV show 'Fame'.

Granted, most kids of that time loved it, but my passion was limitless. I never missed a single episode,  regularly taping them on my tape recorder and listening in bed later. It never mattered to me that I was in a wheelchair and therefore NOT going to be able to pull off the leaps and bounds that Miss Grant demanded in her class. Yes, I wore the leg warmers and had all the albums. As a kid, I looked at with a child's longing. Leroy and Bruno were my crushes, the music, singing and dancing were incredible  and Doris made me laugh! The messages my young mind took away each week, were things like :
  • Work hard and you can achieve your dreams.
  • Expressing yourself though movement and song is valid and healthy
  • Nobody is perfect but everyone has something to give.
  • Working to better yourself, is always ongoing, difficult but worth it.
  • Life means to never stop learning.
When I was a kid, I had to have a lot of physio that I absolutely despised. 'Fame' gave me the tools I needed to keep on fighting through. Sure my parents tried to impart similar wisdoms, but what kid ever truly listens to their parents at that age? If memory serves, during tough times I would stop and think - Would Leroy give up? What would Miss Grant say? (of course, I'd think similar things about MJ but we've discussed that already)

On revisiting 'Fame' as an adult, I see it dealt with mature themes as well: Poverty, gangs and disability, drugs and the onset of sexuality. Even death. These days,  I think that political correctness has led us too far up our own asses. In the 80's kids weren't talked to as they seem to be today. It was simply, "Here are the facts as we see them. Retain this information, it will serve you well."

Enjoy my little tribute to 'Fame'  the best T.V show of the 80's bar none. This post is dedicated to the memory of Gene Anthony Ray.- who died on November 14, 2003, after suffering a stroke. RIP darling. You will always be a true talent and or course - my beloved Leroy Johnson <3.

Theme - Fame (remember my name)

Hot Lunch Jam

Still Believe in me.

I can do anything (better than you can..)

We Got The Power

Life Is A Celebration

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06 April 2011 @ 05:33 pm
If you had to choose, what couple from TV, cinema, or literature, would you choose as your parents?

That's easy. I would choose the Kent's of Smallville. They believe in Clarke and offer him unconditional love. The work ethic they live by is to be admired. Buy your livestock, work hard and literally, reap the rewards. Believe in people with an open heart and you will be offered that same trust in return. Unless you are wronged, then - don your metaphorical armour and stand your ground as a united family.

I wish I were a Kent..... *Sigh* john Schneider.....Bo Duke........ mmmmmmmm ... Is incest ALWAYS wrong? *blink cough splutter..* Moving on.

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11 February 2011 @ 02:47 pm
I'm sorry for the delay, I have had a bug and been snuggled in my bed.

All week I have immersed myself in Michael from all eras of his career. Also, I borrowed a copy of 'Michael' from a friend and it's been on continuous rotation. You see, I want to be able to offer an unbiased opinion on it, when I come to write part three of this mini series. My review will be extensive but  HONEST. We all know how controversial this release is, so I want to do it justice.

I said that this entry was going to take us into the 90's but before we do that, I'd like to correct a HUGE mistake. That is, my failure to make a single mention of the the sublime gorgeousness that is - THRILLER! Call myself a fan! I know,  how could I have done such a thing? Slap me and call me bubbles!   It's true - Thriller really deserves an entry all it's own and indeed, I might do a review at a later date.

It remains the biggest selling album of all time, boasting sales in excess of 50 million and it's no surprise, because (in my opinion) it's jaw-droppingly gorgeous record.  I remember my granny buying it for me, from a small record shop in Salisbury. Gosh, I was so excited!  At the same time though, the video of 'Thriller' is not a good memory for me AT ALL. When the 6 year old me saw Thriller,  I was beside my self with utter fear! If memory serves - I had to be taken out of the room sobbing. In hindsight, A LOT of kids loved MJ. What a massive risk to take in scaring the crap out of them. What are your childhood memories of 'Thriller'? Comment below. Luckily, I loved the other tracks and (eventually) understood that the Michael was not the leader of an evildead dance troupe. Bent on entertaining us--TO DEATH! -- DAH DAH DAHHH!

 In all seriousness, it took me some years to watch it in full, 10 years to be exact. Now I delight in watching Michael getting his foot tickled by John Landis! Oh you don't remember that part?

Rather than giving an indepth review now, I'll just say that 'Thriller' is the only album that I cannot fault. It takes the listener on an amazing journey. Through infectious grooves and sublime ballads. To street smart lyrics and 'all the fun of the fear' horror wonderfulness.  Thriller is the best album EVER!

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01 January 2011 @ 05:21 pm
I recently came across Michael Jackson's 'new song' - A duet with Akon, entitled 'Hold My Hand.'

Needless to say, I didn't like it as an MJ song, instead I considered it to be a merely passable Akon tune. Wait a sec, am I getting ahead of myself? Yes, I think perhaps I'd better explain why I even care about this new release. Let me take you back to 1984, when an 8 year old me fell in love with Michael Jackson. Sadly, I can't remember the exact moment I discovered him. However, I do remember getting a personal stereo for Christmas with 'Off The Wall' to play on it. This was my first experience of stereo sound and I was floored. That creepy cackle at the beginning of the title track, whispered directly into my left ear and scared the living poop out of me! What a thing of beauty! 8 years of dogged devotion followed. I snapped up everything with Michael on it. Posters, Video's, Combs (yes, I had one) Tee-shirts and more. Every time he was on tv, I'd stare devotedly at the him often crying.

I became a real expert on everything The Jackson 5, Jacksons, Michael & Janet released. Of course I took great pride in being able to find something good in every song, no matter how cheesy some of MJ's early solo material was. Seriously, check out wonderful cheesefest that is Forever Michael . You could make a delicious pizza from all that dripping, bubbling sentimental silliness. Does calling it cheesy mean I hate it? NO WAY! I love this album right to my core.

see, that's what Michael's power was. He could make you love every single thing he gave you. Mainly because when Michael sang, he was in his element and sharing that simple joy with you. This was between you and MJ. His escape was yours. I don't know about you but I really believed he knew what I was going through. He stood with me, every step of the way. This was the first time music became personal and private to me. Michael Jackson actively made me a stronger person. He felt like my friend. I didn't have many close friends in school and despite being a happy child, I was lonely. I clung to my mum and my fantasy world of being a dancer on Fame and singing with MJ. Come to think of it, I bet Michael was lonely too.Fast forward to 1987, when Bad was released. At first, I played it every day, traced the album cover and drew it in art class. For the first time though, there were songs I didn't like. Namely 'Dirty Diana', 'I Just Can't Stop Loving You' & believe it or not 'Bad' - what annoyed me was that if I asked for a Michael song at youth club, the DJ would always choose 'Bad'. God, I still hate that song today. Why do I hate it? Strangely, I can't quite explain why. So, I'm going to try and examine it a little.

Firstly .. it was impossible to dance to (unless you where MJ or could dance like him.) Second, it seemed to stay in one place, somehow felt safe and repetitive. The chorus was uninspiring and spawned that god awful catchphrase 'shhhmon' which these days, is used to parody Michael. To me, it felt like he was re-visiting old ideas - he had done the gang thing in 'Beat it' and frankly 'Beat it' was superior in so many ways. Lastly, aside from the epic video, the song itself sounded weak. You're free to disagree of course. Briefly mentioning the others:  'I just Can't Stop Loving You' Michael duetting with a woman  is always risky to my mind. This song had little to redeem it. Stupid lyrics, pointless vocal riffing by Miss Garrett. All around yucky. NEXT.  'Dirty Diana? Well there's a problem right there, the title. It displays a woeful lack of sexual maturity on Michael's part. Who seriously calls someone that? No matter how slutty she may be. The song itself is alright - but again, the subject of slutty girls had been covered repeatedly by all the Jacksons, starting with babymomma 'Bllie Jean'. I'm sure Michael experienced a lot slutty women throwing themselves at him. However, is it necessary to keep writing about it? Rest assured, the rest of the album was EPIC indeed. With standouts like, 'Speed Demon', 'The Way You Make Me Feel', 'Smooth Criminal' and the FANTASTIC 'Leave Me Alone' - which remains a fave of mine to this day.

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