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17 November 2011 @ 06:58 pm
The best 80's radio stations. The Best and the rest.  
I listen to internet radio EVERYDAY, it's an addiction I think. There are tons of 80's ones out there and some are better than others. The list below gives an idea of the ones I listen to the most and which ones I think are best avoided.  I hope my little reviews of each, will help you find a varied mix of the best in 80's music online.

General stations

Crikfm The Lynx - retro80s - From Calgary Canada. Amazing sound quality and no ads! Plays a wide variety of 80's goodness, seems more eclectic than other stations of its kind. More rock based and plays lots of rarer tunes. A few glitches in the stream and frequent station idents -  but all in all - win.
Genre: Rock, Eclectic, Pop.  Ads: No

ABC80s - from Ireland - All in all good. Nice mix of genres here, thoroughly pleasant listen. No ads
Genre: Rock, Eclectic, Pop. Cheese  Ads: No

All 80s Man (man!) - Truly eclectic. Very rock based with a smattering of good high energy funk (Shalamar, Prince) and AOR in there. Sounds great and features fun sound bytes from the 80s too.
Genre: Rock, Eclectic, Pop, Cheese, New Wave, Funk

80s and more - Broadcasting from London. good mix, no ads. Claim to have DJ's - Can't say I noticed any. A bit bland.
Genre: Rock, Pop, Cheese  Ads: No

Sky.fm 80s - Great American station, playing a varied mix of 80's tunes. Music rarely repeats, Definitely up there.  Everything you'd expect with minimum interruptions, despite minor ads.
Genre: Pop, Cheese, Hits. Ads: Yes (rare: advertising ad free subscriptions)

Sufflerama.com 80s - I listen to this station a lot on my Android. Fun branding, no ads and an excellent mix. Sadly, the 80's part of the site fails, as do the streams (via the site and music players) However, If you have tunein.radio app the station streams fine (though not via the tunin radio site?)  It's a big favourite for me - Strange.. Let me know if you have better luck. It's certainly worth the effory
Genre: Rock, Eclectic, Pop, Cheese, New Wave, Funk. Ads: No

80's genre stations.

80s Forever - LOVE this station - New Wave, New Romantic, Rock/Punk and edgy Pop FTW. I put it on to review it and it stayed on all day. Played tons of stuff I'd never heard before and educated me on 'new' bands
Genre: Rock, Eclectic, New Wave, New Romantic, Synth. Ads: No

more tomorrow....