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11 February 2011 @ 02:47 pm
Thriller - A correction  
I'm sorry for the delay, I have had a bug and been snuggled in my bed.

All week I have immersed myself in Michael from all eras of his career. Also, I borrowed a copy of 'Michael' from a friend and it's been on continuous rotation. You see, I want to be able to offer an unbiased opinion on it, when I come to write part three of this mini series. My review will be extensive but  HONEST. We all know how controversial this release is, so I want to do it justice.

I said that this entry was going to take us into the 90's but before we do that, I'd like to correct a HUGE mistake. That is, my failure to make a single mention of the the sublime gorgeousness that is - THRILLER! Call myself a fan! I know,  how could I have done such a thing? Slap me and call me bubbles!   It's true - Thriller really deserves an entry all it's own and indeed, I might do a review at a later date.

It remains the biggest selling album of all time, boasting sales in excess of 50 million and it's no surprise, because (in my opinion) it's jaw-droppingly gorgeous record.  I remember my granny buying it for me, from a small record shop in Salisbury. Gosh, I was so excited!  At the same time though, the video of 'Thriller' is not a good memory for me AT ALL. When the 6 year old me saw Thriller,  I was beside my self with utter fear! If memory serves - I had to be taken out of the room sobbing. In hindsight, A LOT of kids loved MJ. What a massive risk to take in scaring the crap out of them. What are your childhood memories of 'Thriller'? Comment below. Luckily, I loved the other tracks and (eventually) understood that the Michael was not the leader of an evildead dance troupe. Bent on entertaining us--TO DEATH! -- DAH DAH DAHHH!

 In all seriousness, it took me some years to watch it in full, 10 years to be exact. Now I delight in watching Michael getting his foot tickled by John Landis! Oh you don't remember that part?

Rather than giving an indepth review now, I'll just say that 'Thriller' is the only album that I cannot fault. It takes the listener on an amazing journey. Through infectious grooves and sublime ballads. To street smart lyrics and 'all the fun of the fear' horror wonderfulness.  Thriller is the best album EVER!

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